Meet Anna

My name is Annalena, but I often just go by Anna! I’m from Miami Beach, Florida, and moved up to Tallahassee to attend school at Florida State University where I majored in criminology. I have 5 animals that I hang out with in my free time, 3 cats and 2 dogs! I am now in law school and just finished 1L, where I have had an incredible time and gotten involved in a variety of organizations. 

I started studying for the LSAT on my own for the June 2022 LSAT. I taught myself all the wrong stuff and did awful. I then found Ben on Instagram a bit later with hopes of finding a more affordable option for tutoring, since teaching myself had failed. I participated in Ben’s group classes for around a month and a half and took the October 2022 LSAT, where my score jumped 25 points. Now, thanks to Ben’s help, I was able to get into an incredible, top-50 law school on a full ride! I hope to help do the same for others and show people what Ben taught me; that a full ride is obtainable!

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